Hawaiian Newcomer Ash Debuts Earthy Soul Single “Lover Friend”

Slow-burning soul

Photo: CBR photography

Hailing from Oahu, Hawaii, Ash is a 22-year-old artist who channels her connection to the physical world in her songs. Her latest single “Lover Friend” exudes a blend of mystic and earthy energy where the slow-burning melody takes you to a meditative state. The song is Ash’s own reflection on love and friendship that often can be the most difficult emotions to digest Produced by starRo (Grammy-nominated), “Lover Friend” is for all of us who need some earthy R&B to take a break from the chaos of everyday life:

“On the purest side of the Lover is one that embarks on a journey of healing their heart through loving it’s self unconditionally; that is you being your greatest friend,” Ash commented of the track’s origin. “In this story I then go on meeting reflections of myself, and had loved each one. Innocent and confusing, it was all healing and the coming to learning that our friendship will always be the most magical connection that I’ve truly desired. To end, it comes full circle. How the song starts and who it started with is now and will always be that one eternal, Lover friend.”

If you are getting ‘earth mama’ vibes from Ash, you’re not alone. Aside from music, Ash is into sustainability and is currently living in an organic farm in Kelowna, British Columbia.