Rock It Like A Boss Bitch With Pet Fangs’ “Bitch, Baby”

“Ima write you in my song / Make the bad girls sing along”

Photo: Pet Fangs Facebook

Garage pop quartet Pet Fangs trims the kooky soundscape of pop with the edgy swag of rock’n’roll with their new single “Bitch, Baby.” The song is an ode to women and the quartet’s personal love letter to singer Joe Stark’s wife who got diagnosed with breast cancer after the song was written. Delivering an undeniable sexy groove and empowering rhythmic march, “Bitch, Baby” is what we’ll be blasting during world domination:

If “Bitch, Baby” sounds familiar then you’re not hallucinating (maybe). It’s been already featured for Umbro’s campaign and Madonna’s own clothing line Material Girl.

Originally from Louisiana, Pet Fangs is comprised of brothers Joe and David Stark, Jory Cordy, and Ben Alleman. The four actually a rock band called Baby Bee, but decided to dissolve it and start Pet Fangs in order to go beyond the rock genre. Be on the lookout for more eccentric grooves from the four this year.