FLING Makes Us Feel “Extra Special”

“I’ve got this psst psst”

Photo: Danny Payne

Fling’s new single “Extra Special” is what happens when Spaghetti West, psychedelic pop, and electropical pop have a threesome. Built on funky riffs, “Extra Special” captures that brief calm moment before shit hits the fan. Stream below:

“It’s about that private time of solitude in between the chaos where you choose whatever it is you want to do, whether it be smoking or something else. The moment where you empty your mind from all thoughts and just experience coexisting with someone or something that gets your vibe” explained the band.

Produced by Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart, “Extra Special” is out now via Dance To The Radio label. The Bradford quintet is comprised of Charles McSorley (vocals, harmonica), Jack Winn (guitar), Billy Fielding (drums), Jake Lees (bass,) and Sam Maylnowsky (keys). FLING is currently preparing to roll out their debut record Fling or Die early next year and will be playing at various festivals and shows this summer:

9/26 – Thousand Island (London, UK)

9/27 – Sunflower Lounge (Birmingham, UK)

9/29 – Brudenell Community Room (Leeds, UK)

10/6 – Neighbourhood Festival (Manchester, UK)

10/12 – Poetry Club (Glasgow, UK)

10/12 – Twisterella Festival (Middlesbrough, UK)

10/20 – Swn Festival (Cardiff, UK)