Lola Kirke Wants You To Go Wild Or Go Home In Her Video “Supposed To”

Wild spirit on the loose.

Photo: Wyndham Boylan-Garnett

For all of us who want to give a middle finger to societal pressures, Lola Kirke’s “Supposed To” is a sonic segway for defying expectations. The video features a woman who lets her wild side loose and has the time of her life. Directed by Kirke herself, “Supposed To” feels like a reminder that you-do-you never expires. Ever:

“The song ‘Supposed To’ is really about the intense pressure I feel to be what other people think I should be and what I think I should be,” said Kirke. “How rebellious would you feel if you had spent your life just doing things that you felt that you were supposed to do? That society told you to do?”

“Supposed To” is from Kirke’s upcoming album Heart Head West, which will be out on August 10 via Downtown Records. Known for her roles in Gone Girl and Mistress America, Kirke was born to a musical family and debuted her EP back in 2016. The gal has shows coming up in the next upcoming months, so see her in person:

7/28 – Getty Center (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

8/21-23 – Union Pool (Brooklyn, NY, USA)