Trevis Throws Everybody’s Dream Pool Party In “Way You Do It”

Summer pop

Photo: Trevis – Way You Do It (Official Music Video) YouTube

Norwegian pop artist Trevis throws a flawless pool party in his new video “Way You Do It.” If you are looking for a track to start the party, then this is not the song. Don’t play this at the beginning of the party when the only ones present are the caterers and you. Bust it out at the middle of the party when everyone has arrived and need an invigorating beat to burn those margaritas:

“The concept for this video was to have as many people from different backgrounds, all having a good time, turning up together for a sick pool-party. I feel we definitely captured a good summer vibe, just like the song… and I like the way that it turned out…baby.” shared Trevis.

Originally from Oslo, Trevis has been honing his craft since the age of eleven and already released four tracks that has been spreading across the UK scene. The 19-year-old will be releasing more singles in the upcoming months, so it’s gonna be a good summer.