Tessa Violet Makes All Of Our Groceries Dreams Come True In “Crush”

Who knew your dreams were yellow

Photo: Tessa Violet – Crush (Official Music Video) YouTube

Nashville-based artist Tessa Violet lifts groceries from the mundane list to a somewhat magically satisfying one in her video “Crush” where we see her live every aisle fantasy we’ve all had while looking for the right cereal. Yes, we’re talking about climbing up the fridge, posing by the checkout counters, and exuding a yellow swag. Watch below:

“Crush” is from Tessa’s upcoming album Bad Ideas, which will be out on August 3rd. The gal started off by using platforms such as YouTube and Patreon to put her work out and currently has 1.5 million followers. Be on the lookout for more glimpses of her upcoming album.