COTIS’ “All Night” Is For Nocturnal Lovers & Morning Loners Out There

Soft R&B

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

After debuting his widely acclaimed single “Phone Light Up,” COTIS is back again with a new smooth R&B “All Night” where he takes us through our primal desire for company in the darkness of the night and wish for solitude once morning hits. “All Night” is built on the rapping croons of COTIS where the mellow tune sets you into a cozy, breezy flow. Stream below:

“I think of myself as a recording artist, literally, and all that back and forth in my own studio by myself, has made me comfortable and confident in how to make an impact as a story teller – in the way I craft the words, melodies and tricks in the studio that technology now affords us. It’s a combination of instincts, feeling like I’m really IN the song, studio know-how and collaborating with the right producer to marry song and track.” shared COTIS in regards to his songsmithing process.

COTIS is a 19-year-old Canadian artist who has ben making music in his basement for years. Now that he’s on ground level, you can expect him to drop more beats soon.


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