Dead Naked Hippies Explore Grief In New Smashing Single “Guillotine”


Photo Credit: Andrew Benge

Photo Credit: Andrew Benge

UK post-punk trio Dead Naked Hippies (what an amazing band name) touches upon the conflicting emotional nature of grief in their explosive single “Guillotine.” The track is a sneaky dynamite where it starts off with deceitfully chill strings and drums before it bursts into your eardrums. Whether you’re trying to find comfort from grief or simply need a stress-killing banger, “Guillotine” is for you:

“‘Guillotine’ is an exploration of grief” explained vocalist Lucy Jowett, “It’s the fine line between wanting to retaliate to someone who has caused you hurt, versus choosing to cut out the dead weight they have created in your life.”

Made up of Lucy, Joe Clarke (guitar) and Jacob Marston (drums), Dead Naked Hippies have been making buzz since late 2016 and have already plaved in iconic festivals (Leeds Festival) and sold-out shows. In celebration of the release of their latest single “Guillotine,” the trio will be playing a free show in London this Thursday:

6/21 – Sebright Arms (London, UK)***FREE ENTRY

6/22 – Maguire’s Pizza Bar (Liverpool, UK)

6/26 – Bloc (Glasgow, UK)

7/4 – Oporto (Leeds, UK)

7/6 – The Green Room (Moron-on-swale, UK)

7/10 – The Sesh (Hull, UK)