Two Can’s “Got Habits” Is For All Of Us Who YOLO-ed Too Hard That Uber Won’t Pick Us Up Anymore

But it was worth it.

Photo: Courtesy of The Wanderlvst PR

If you been banned from Uber for partying too hard in the back of a Prius, then Two Can’s “Got Habits” is the anthem you’ll be blasting out in your next party as you overpay for a cab…or use code ‘SUN2599742’ to get $10 off on your first Lyft ride. Anyways, car mumbo jumbo aside, Two Can’s “Got Habits” is a contemporary EDM piece that captures the free spirit and banging groove of a night out in the city. “Holding that feeling / When I get high in the back of an Uber” chants a mysterious female voice. Listening to this song re-awakens every bad habit that you unapologetically indulged and eventually caused some form of damage on your phone apps. But it was worth it:

“‘Got Habits’ started with a piano and a vocal, pop sensibilities meet everything we love about producing electronic music and we’re excited by the fact that this genre-defying song leads to new territory for us – it’s what we believe making music is all about, enjoying the freedom of artistic expression and breaking new ground.” shared Two Can.

Hailing from Melbourne, Two Can is comprised of brothers Oscar and Myles who have done official remixes for David Guetta, Sia, Galantis, and Throttle. They’ve also supported other big artists including Dua Lipa, Alison Wonderland, KLP, and etc. The duo currently joined Warner Music family and is plotting to conquer the world.