Lightwave Empire’s “Too Close To The Sun” Will Recharge Your Lust For Life

Shiny pop

Danish artist Lightwave Empire (aka Bjarke Niemann) reminds us to not play a ‘bit role’ in life in his song “Too Close To The Sun” – a quirky pop single built on shimmering guitar strings and bouncy percussions that gives you an invigorating kick. It’s a cheery song that was actually born out of a personal tragedy that Niemann experienced. The video, directed by Anders Malmberg (Savages, MØ, Mew), shows kids with Downs Syndrome who share their happiness, melancholia, and daydreaming with each other. Watch below:

“I wrote ‘Too Close To The Sun’ at a time when I felt everyone around me were controlled by anxiety. That’s why it’s a song about love and about not letting fear get the best of you. We are all going to die at some point anyway, so I’d rather leave this place as a worn out corpse that tried to make the most of it, than as a prototype, that was never really put in action,” shared Niemann. “I wrote this song for my wife shortly after her mother’s suicide. I wanted the song to encourage her.”

The video was recorded at a specialist school for children with Downs Syndrome in Copenhagen. The cinematic concept came to Niemann one day when he was sitting on a bench during an emotional moment. “From a distance, I saw a boy with Downs Syndrome walking in my direction,” recalls Niemann. “When he saw me, he instantly smiled and came up to me. he gave me a heartfelt hug and said, ‘You’re a really good guy.’ The boy encouraged me as I intended to do with my song and I wanted to capture his warmth in a video. My mother used to be head of a school for children with Downs Syndrome where I played as a kid and growing up, those kids have always fascinated me with their purity, vulnerability, lust for life, intense melancholy, and sheer happiness.”

“Too Close To The Sun” is from Lightwave Emprie’s upcoming debut album Heart Of Noise, which was produced by Dave Sardy (LCD Soundsystem, Oasis) and will be out on September 7th.