Russian Baths’ “Poolhouse” Is How Your Existential Crisis Look Like

Post-hardcore rock

Photo: Russian Baths – “Poolhouse” YouTube

For all of us who wondered how an existential crisis looks like from the outside, then Russian Baths’ “Poolhouse” is the answer. The newest video from the NY-based quartet captures the emotional breakdown that people often experience beneath their composure. Featuring vocalist Jess Rees, the tension of the video comes from Jess’ eyes who tells more than her peaceful posture. Watch below:

“‘Poolhouse’ is about an existential crisis. It’s about feeling so overwhelmed that you can’t see the way out. It’s about moments of calm and hope being submerged in waves of pressure. It’s about losing your breath because of fear.” shared Russian Baths.

The single is the third single from Russian Baths’ debut EP Penance, which is out now via Good Eye Records. As of now, the quartet has shows coming up at the end of this month:

6/21 – The Meatlocker (Montclair, NJ, USA)

6/28 – St. Vitus (Brooklyn, NY, USA)