Blanco White Taps Into The Bittersweet Nature Of Change In “Olalla”

Not everything survives change

Photo: Sequoia Ziff

London artist Blanco White mourns and celebrates the changing nature of our current civilization in his new guitar-powered single “Olalla.” It’s an ode to the small towns that are starting to fade as many people migrate to the big cities looking for jobs. There is a sense of longing and loss for the beauty of these small communities in the track, but also Blanco balances these sentiments with an uplifting melody as a way to implicitly admit that change is inevitable:

“’Olalla’ is a song about the appearing towns and villages of Southern Europe. Often these places are staggeringly beautiful, but are slowly being abandoned as jobs and communities migrate elsewhere. I think I just felt moved by that idea of loss and seemingly inevitable change. Although the narrative laments that change, I hope the song would still be uplifting in some way and capture some of the excitement that I’ve felt when stumbling across a beautiful place.”

Josh Edwards is the mastermind behind Blanco White who has already released two EPs and garnered more than 40 million streams. He will start touring this fall, so see him in person:

North America 2018

10/25 – World Café Live (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

10/26 – Café 939 (Boston, MA, USA)

10/27 – Rough Trade (New York, NY, USA)

10/28 – Songbyrd (Washington, DC, USA)

10/31 – Drake Underground (Toronto, ON, Canada)

11/1 – Schubas (Chicago, IL, USA)

11/3 – Café Du Nord (San Francisco, CA, USA)

11/5 – The Echo (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Europe 2018

11/10 – The Sound House (Dublin, Ireland)

11/13 – Village Underground (London, UK)

11/15 – Bitterzoet (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

11/16 – Botanique (Brussels, Belgium)

11/18 – Papiersaal (Zürich, Switzerland)

11/20 – Circolo Ohibò (Milan, Italy)

11/22 – Costello Club (Madrid, Spain)

11/23 – Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm (Barcelona Spain)

11/26 – La Boule Noire (Paris, France)