BRAEVES’ “Pull Me In” Is For All Of Us Who Feel Like An Astronaut In The Wrong Planet

Sci-fi summer pop

Photo: Courtesy of Bridge & Castle MGMT

LA/NY quartet BRAEVES stretches our imagination with their new video “Pull Me In” where we see the intersection of two realities with an unexpected twist in the end. The video follows an astronaut who seems like an alien in one reality while in the other he is a free man with a mysterious female companion. Directed by the band’s Derek Tramont, “Pull Me In” is a sci-fi video where the summer pop background gives it a buoyant oomph:

With the help of John Rosario’s cinematography, Derek recalls “When John and I started working on this, we wanted to make it as cinematic as possible. So we started looking at ways to break the mold from the traditional music video. The first shot opens on a 30 second oner and that really sets the tone. So we continued to use more extended uncut takes throughout the video, shooting past the end of the song to complete the twist and hopefully giving the viewer something new to find each time they watch it. If we did any one of those things right, I think we’ll be happy with that.”

BRAEVES are Ryan Colt Levy (vocals/guitar), Derek (bass/keyboard), Thomas McPhilliops (drums/vocals) and Scott Goldbaum (vocals/guitars) who started out in New York before moving into LA. The quartet has built a steady fanbase with their music and receiving critical acclaim from radio and press. For more BRAEVES music, check out their Spotify.