In Case Of Unnecessary Complications, Play Lokoy’s “Malibu” Ft. Girl In Red

“It’s not the height of the man that gives the length to his shadow, it’s the height of the sun”

Photo: August Fossmark & Otilie Brubæ

Sløtface’s bassist Lasse Lokøy shows a more psyche pop flair in his new solo debut solo single “Malibu” ft. Girl In Red (aka Marie Ulven). Under his moniker Lokoy, he crafts an outré sound that is built on the most peculiar samples including cell phones and airplanes. Within this quirky harmony, Lokoy builds a folk rhythmic backdrop made of synths and cellos. It’s bizarre and delicious:

“It’s about a relationship which is harmed by external factors and how those surroundings can complicate a situation that is fairly uncomplicated to begin with,” Lokoy explained. “Sometimes, it’s hard to rise above your position and view things independently, because you will always be defined in relation to your surroundings.”

Lokoy worte most of his solo materials while being on the road during Sløtface’s 2017 and 2018 tour, which took him to international festivals, headline shows, and the Norwegian Grammy. You can find Lokoy on Facebook & Instagram.