Love Is A Burning Expense In Kevin George’s “She Don’t Love Me” Ft. Gunna

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Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Although love can’t be bought with money, it can still burn money. Kevin Geroge’s newest R&B single “She Don’t Love Me” ft. Gunna is a melancholic and flowing midtempo piece that reflects on a gold digger who can’t reciprocate her expenses with her emotions. This is quid pro quo gone wrong, but the track is catchy:

“I made at least 100 beats for LOVELAND. When I finally finished it I just wanted time to breath and experiment with different sounds. It can get grueling when you’re producing and mixing the music from scratch as well as writing the melodies from scratch too. I think for the first time I just wanted to sing without worrying about putting together a beat first. I found a random beat from CashMoneyAP, and as soon as I heard it, I had already finished the song in my head. It was a magical moment for me. Gunna was the icing and brought the finishing touch” shared Kevin George.

Having amassed millions of streams with his debut project LOVELAND, Kevin George is quickly becoming one of the most promising young stars in the R&B scene.