Dim Sum’s “Ta Doum” Is Freestyle Indietronica That Makes Total/Absolutely No Sense

Freestyle with some nostalgic vibes

Photo: The Playground PR

Parisian producer Dim Sum pushes our imagination with his newest freestyle indietronic single “Ta Doum” – a slightly melancholic and ruminative song where its magnetism lies in its enigmatic meaning. Honestly, “Ta Doum” doesn’t have to make sense, but the chords and rhythmic dance trigger a sense of longing that can be interpreted in every direction. Play:

“Ta! doum! is the sound of the snare and the kick and it’s also the sound of the derbuka rolls in this new single. It is also what, I believe, the surrealist voice is singing along. To me, “Ta Doum” starts as a carefree party track, but the vocals and the melody make you feel a bit of mystery and nostalgia.” explained Dim Sum.

Known for his viral single “High Love” (6 million streams), Dim Sun has supported artists such as Zimmer and Karma Kid in the past. “Ta Doum” is from his upcoming third EP, which Dim Sum hasn’t unveiled any release ddates yet.