Cocoa Futures Makes Patience Hot With “Circus”

Slow-burning waltz

Photo: Sara Amroussi-Gilissen

With smooth riffs that hit you like a ticking clock, “Circus” takes you into a velvety affair of groovy chords and soul-drenched atmosphere where Cocoa Futures make practicing patience look actually hot in the age of instant gratification. The UK trio’s latest single is a mellow and savory track that began out of a serendipity when frontman Greg was making a Spotify playlist titled ‘drum sounds I like.’ Short story shorter, from those banging drums rose this banger:

“‘Circus’ is about patience. Patience seems pretty boring, but it’s secretly banging. You know when you really want something but can wait for it? Trying to get better at that is what ‘Circus’ is about.” explained Greg.

Cocoa Futures have recently wrapped up several sold-out shows and festival appearances. They are currently working on new material, so keep them under your radar.