Mekdes Breaks Lamestream Rules With Her Neo-Soul Sound

Meet the 19-year-old artist from Denmark

Photo: Tobias Hoffman

Danish artist Mekdes breaks away from lamestream music with her tasteful approach to neo-soul. The 19-year-old’s debut single “Out Of Here” documents the restlessness and mental claustrophobia she experiences when the world tries to fit her into the wrong box. “Can’t wait no more / Places I’d rather be than here” chants Mekdes. Capturing her longing for creative independence and self-discovery, “Out Of Here” is a song for those committed to march to the beat of their own drum. Mekdes’ silky vocals are backed by electropical backbeats that are covered with R&B-laced groove. Stream below:

“This song is about listening to your inner passion, when being young and feeling like you don’t belong in the conformities of society and other people’s expectations.” shared Mekdes.

Originally from Ethiopia, Mekdes grew up in Denmark where she always felt limited in schools where she couldn’t express herself as creatively as she wanted. “Out Of Here” is an embodiment of those locked sentiments and the emotional unleash she experiences through songsmithing. The track is officially out now via Copenhagen Records and can be streamed here.