House Of Faces Brings A Groove Full Of Punk & 70s Rock

Electromagnetic dance rock

Photo: Courtesy of the band

London-based rock duo House of Faces injects us with 70s rock swag with their sound by artfully combining the breakneck rush of punk and the dance-inducing spark of synthpop. Their video “Want To Be Yours” takes off with a simple riff that quickly builds into a magnetic field of splattering drums and gliding strings. It’s hypnotic and has the edgy undertones of a blissful rock anthem:

Steam their entire self-titled debut EP below:

Originally from New York, House of Faces is comprised of Johnny Bow and Charlie Green who decided to start the band just this year. The duo met in New York when Johnny was studying at Julliard while Charlie was at NYU. They released their debut EP back in June 26 and are currently recording their second EP, which will be released in July.