Zoe Nash Mends Heartbreak In Mellow Fashion With “Lovebug”

Lovebugs can be emotional parasites

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

LA artist Zoe Nash captures the indulgent slowness of summer and melancholic reflections of heartbreaks in her new single “Lovebug.” It’s a reflective yet buoyant laidback track where the gal delineates a past relationship that keeps triggering nostalgia and longing in sporadic fashion. Stream below:

“It’s like when you get the wind knocked out of you, except it’s your person and you’re not on a playground and they take you and your air and they run to someone else…the kind of someone else you wouldn’t wish upon anyone. You want to get back up…you need something to hold onto but there’s nothing. Lovebug’s like that. I still think about him sometimes and part of me hopes he’s happy.” explained Zoe.

Zoe first borke into the scene by featuring on G-Eazy’s track “The Beautiful & Damned.” “Lovebug” is the follow up of Zoe’s debut single “Rather Die” and is a preview of what the gal has in store for 2018.