Bearson Captures The Magic Of Kissing In “I Only Need One” Ft. MNDR

Slow, upbeat rush

Photo: Courtesy of Fancy PR

LA-based, Norwegian artist Bearson has joined forces with MNDR for his latest electropop single “I Only Need One.” It’s a slightly mellow, summer euphoric sound that captures the blissful flavor of kissing – it gives you a rush, yet you want to slow down to savor it. And this track channels that chemistry where MNDR’s crispy croons add a splash of magic to it. Enjoy:

Jakob Bjørn Hansen is the 24-year-old mastermind behind Bearson who co-founded the LA-based record label Next Wave and helped launch the careers of artists such as Atlas Bound, Kasbo, and etc. Since his latest 2017 single “Cold War” with Vic Mensa and Mr. Hudson (Colplay collaborator), Bearson has been keeping a low profile and focusing on growing fellow artists as well as himself. “I took a few steps back and just made tons of music with so many talented people,” Bearson shared. “I’ve learned so much from the producers and writers I’ve met who have all inspired me in one way or another.”

Now Bearson is back and “I Only Need One” is a taste of his upcoming EP Hibernation, which he hasn’t revealed any release dates yet.