Cathedrals Break Rules & Practice Self-Love With “Behave”

A treat for your misbehavior

Photo: Fido Wu

If you want to win in life, you have to break rules and indulge in misbehavior or else you’ll face a lame death (spoiler: you’ve been dead inside this whole time). San Francisco-based duo celebrates the act of self-love and breaking away from conformity with their mischievous single “Behave.” It’s a psyche-infused pop piece that lurks into your consciousness and makes you want to do everything that is labeled as wrong – yet feels so right. It’s hot, playful, and quasi-evil:

“We are so often told to repress, tame, hide, hold back. But it’s so much more fun to break the rules. So the lyrics morphed into an expression of self-empowerment and a cheeky celebration of sexuality and love, the voice of the song is confident, irreverent and fearless.” shared Cathedrals’ vocalist Brodie Jenkins.

Comprised of Brodie and Johnny Hwin, Cathedrals became the latest buzz with their single “Hit Me Like A Landslide,” which picked up 160k streams within the first 5 days of its release. “Behave” is the follow up track and also a taste of what the duo has under their sleeves this year.