Cross The Dark Side Of Temptation With Mayka’s “Watching You”

Not as innocent as it sounds

Photo: Mayka – Watching You (Official Lyric Video) YouTube

If you don’t fully digest the lyrics of Mayka’s “Watching You,” then it sounds like a trap-infused future bass and summer pop track that you’ll be yelling at the DJ to play. However, if you are actually sober and really absorbing her words, you can feel the dark thematic undertones that comes within the territory of temptation. It’s deceitfully upbeat, yet taps into the risky indulgence of liking someone that may spiral your emotions to the danger zone:

In regards to the video, Mayka shared “I wanted to create something rough and decadent in contrast to the cheerful, summery vibes of the song. The video captures restlessness, destructivity and all the dark stuff that comes with temptation and wanting someone. Everything has a shadow side and that’s something I’m obsessed with exploring. Overall the video is very DIY, it was filmed on a night out in Stockholm and I felt like I was 14 years old all over again.”

Swedish artist Mayka Edd is the mastermind behind Mayka who is also one half of the electropop/rap duo Death Team. Mayka first broke into the dance music scene as a DJ/producer and performed around the US and Asia while also hosting her own radio show. She is currently working on new music as solo artist, so make sure to keep her under your radar.