Francobollo’s “We’re Dead” Depicts The Flaws Of The Reward Center Era

This is for all you touchscreen addicts out there

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

UK-based, Swedish quartet Francobollo reminds us to stop masturbating our reward center through our touchscreen and actually start solving some of the current issues such as reducing waste. Their stop motion video “We’re Dead” shows the four satirically depicting a generation of caffeine-wired phone addicts who subconsciously keep producing trash and think that ‘recycling’ solves everything. It’s a humorous video that also serves as food for thought:

In regards to the video, Francobollo’s Sam Bailey (who also produced it) explained, “Being passionate about filmmaking and music videos, we really wanted to make something that would be active whilst we have platform and peoples ears ‘n’ eyes. A song like ‘We’re Dead,’ which deals with the slow deterioration of our wellbeing, needs a call to arms. We approached Samuel Lewis, a very talented and compassionate animator, with the track and he immediately responded with a tailspin of thoughts regarding plastic and its impact on us all. It was a perfect fit.”

Francobollo has shows coming up in the next few weeks, so go take a selfie with them:

7/12 – Old Blue Last (London, UK)***FREE headline show

7/12-15 – Latitude Festival (Southwold, UK)

8/8 – Sziget Festival (Budapest, Hungary)

8/16 – Frequency Festival (Sankt Polten, Austria)