Grace Turner Shows Us How To Do A Real Group Hug In “Dead Or Alive”

Hug fest.

Photo: Grace Turner – Dead or Alive (Official Video) YouTube

Australian artist Grace Turner channels the warm dynamic of group hug in her video “Dead Or Alive.” Yes, group hugs are quite awkward in general but Grace makes it look like a giant cuddly fest where everyone really takes the time to…hug each other. House parties are lame – hug parties, on the other hand, is the new way we should socialize:

“On shoot day we invited a bunch of our friends over to Tom’s house and literally hugged one another for around 10 hours. The idea was that it would reflect the way our social circles help us through hard times.” shared Grace.

Shoutout to Tom for providing his house.

Grace has recently supported Gabriella Cohen in Sydney and has been making waves across radio stations. She has shows coming up in the next few days, so go give her a hug:

7/7 – The Cambridge Hotel (Newcastle West, NSW, Australia)

7/14 – The Cambridge Hotel (Newcastle West, NSW, Australia)