Alisky’s “Traces” Ft. Iolite Is What We Call Goldcore EDM

“Call me a gold digger cause I found treasure inside you”

Photo: Courtesy of Filter PR

Finnish artist Alisky teams up with Colorado-based poptress Alisky in “Traces,” a groovy EDM banger that sonically translates the bliss of finding your own treasure. It’s upbeat, but also has an emotional rhythmic pulse to it that makes it a personal triumph EDM banger. No matter how much shit the universe dumps you, as long as you have your own treasure, you’re winning in life. Like pursuing your passion or banging a smoking hot partner:

“The song was written towards someone or something that you find complete joy in. When nothing else matters, when other people and situations let you down, and you still feel completely secure because of the true treasure that you have found. It follows you, does not leave your side – and won’t let you down.” explained Iolite.

“Traces” is out now via Etenee Records (Warner Muisc Finland), which Alisky signed to back in summer 2017. Before going solo, Alisky used to be a member of the international artist collective Caps Lock Crew. Now as a solo producer/DJ, Alisky has more personal works hidden under he sleeves that he will be revealing in the upcoming months.