Blasko’s “Know You Better” Is R&B Polished With Suave Swag

It will make you feel special

Photo: Courtesy of fussybyday

Melbourne-base electronic/R&B artist Blasko made your summer mating ritual song titled “Know You Better” – a steamy electro R&B piece that can be described as dynamite. It starts off with a suspenseful and chill atmosphere where Blasko’s vocals swish into your ears like smoke uncoiling from the fire. He keeps toying with this tension before bursting into the choruses “Know you better” alongside the waves of quasi-dolphin cries that makes it even more brilliant:

“‘Know You Better’ is about the woman who makes me whole and makes me feel like I’m home, like I belong somewhere… knowing someone in their fullest can be quite scary and overwhelming, but I think that’s what is necessary for longevity and this song represents long-term passion and love.” shared Blasko.

The track is from Blasko In Love Pt. 1 Mixtape, which will be out on July 27th, which according to him “it’s dark, it’s purple, it’s lazy and it’s whatever you want it to be.” Blasko, who debuted his single just last year, has already accumulated almost one million streams and hitting Spotify Viral Charts across Europe. He will be supporting SG Lewis this month, so see him in person:

7/24 – The Tuning Fork (Auckland, New Zealand)

7/27 – Howler (Melbourne, Australia)