Comfort Zone Is Your Gateway To Self-Extinction In Alex Alex’ “Wading Out”

Dark, swelling pop

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

UK artist Alex Alex is back with his second single “Wading Out,” a dark and chest-swelling piece of slow-burning moody pop that taps into the dangers of playing a bit part in life. Built on delicate dreamy riffs and aerated choruses, the track stretches minimalism to haunting heights where it magnifies the inner impulse we all feel to do something greater. Its intimacy builds in an organic level where Alex Alex walks us through the emotional tug-of-war between our own fears and desires. Stream below:

“‘Wading Out’ is about recognizing that our pursuit of a fulfilling life is more valuable than a tolerable stasis.” explained Alex Alex.

The track is the follow up of Alex Alex’ debut single “Something Else,” which has been making waves across various playlists. Alex Alex will be supporting Kirsty Merryn in the fall, so see him in person:

10/19 – St. Anne’s (Barnstable, UK)

10/26 – Kingskerswell (Devon, UK)

11/8 – Folkroom On Sea (Brighton, UK)