Rachael Cantu Brings Queer Power To Spaghetti West In “Run Free”

Wild and free in three.

Photo: Rachael Cantu – Run Free [Official Video] YouTube

Embracing the wild spirit of Spaghetti West genre and the unbreakable bond of queer community, Rachael Cantu takes us into a carefree adventure into the deserts in her new video “Run Free.” It’s an intimate depiction of the relationship among three gals who channel a Thelma and Louise aura, but 3x stronger. The song is a blissful synthpop ride that exudes our inner desire for openness and freedom in somewhere as vast as the desert – minus the solitude, of course. Watch below:

In regards to the video, Rachael explained “With this video, my vision was to capture the unique bond of queer friendship. The closeness we have in our community. The way we love and need one another physically and emotionally. I could not have asked for a better group of in-real-life friends to convey this type of special love. It was an all female/queer crew. Me, the three stars and the Director/DP/Editor, Bia Jurema – running around in the open desert for 3 days. Bia is an incredible force in film and photography and I’m so lucky and honored to have made this video with her.”

“Run Free” is from Rachael’s latest EP Love Rush, which came out back in April. The EP is the follow up of the LA-based artist’s 2015 EP, Little Brutes, which gained critical acclaim from various outlets. Rachel’s works have also been featured on a number of TV shows including Pretty Little Liars, Shameless, Private Practice, Royal Pains, and Degrassi.