Roo Panes’ “Sketches Of Summer” Is Romantic & Unsentimental Folk

Sophisticated minimalism

Photo: Courtesy of Top Button Digital

UK artist Roo Panes nails sophisticated minimalism in his new folk single “Sketches Of Summer” where he provides us a simple and heartfelt picture of love with no frills. Built on chest-swelling chords and blooming piano, “Sketches Of Summer” features the guest vocals of Roo’s own sister Deborah where her vocals add an ethereal touch to the song. The lyrics are simple, but the strings pull you deeper into introspection:

Roo Panes describes the track as “a summary of a particular window of summer. I wanted it to stay pretty vague and impressionist in style so I could capture the feeling of ‘sketches’ and conjure the nostalgia. I’d always had the texture of the single note piano and the muted guitar in my mind, and was eager to try that palette and create a world with minimal touch, a lot of it is thin single lines and not meaty chords.”

“Sketches Of Summer” is from Roo’s new album Quiet Man, which was released on June 15. If you’re a newb but somehow Roo looks familiar, you probably saw him at a Burberry campaign. Yes, he models and no, Roo is not his real name. Andrew Panes obtained the nickname Roo after falling into a river as a kid. It’s also a tribute to the little kangaroo character from Winnie the Pooh. In support of Quiet Man, Roo will be playing around Europe this fall:

11/14 – Le Pop-Up du Label (Paris, France)

11/16 – Paradiso Noord (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

11/17 – Bar Brooklyn (Stockholm, Sweden)

11/20 – Silent Green (Berlin, Germany)

11/21 – Meet Factory (Prague, Czech Republic)

11/22 – Bluebird Festival (Wallonia, Belgium)

11/24 – Exil (Zürich, Switzerland)