Shaqdi’s “Obvious” Is A Slow-Burning Pop Ride Of Bliss & The Small Melancholia In-Between

Even full-time happiness has melancholic breaks

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

UK-based, Swedish artist Shaqdi skates around East London with her gal friends as she juggles the present joy and sporadic melancholia that haunts her in her video “Obvious.” The video has a retro cinematic feel to it that makes it look like a personal home video of Shaqdi where the camera has involuntarily captured the brief moody expressions that have slipped from the gal. The dynamic among the three gals is one that is realistic – no matter how much you spend your time with your friends, there are those small moments of disconnection (when your friend is talking on the phone) and random melancholic attacks (for a few seconds) that are unavoidable. Watch below:

“Obvious” is from Shaqdi’s debut EP Colorless, which came out back in May. Shaqdi, who grew up in a small town in Sweden, started learning the piano and violin at the age of four. Shaqdi kept honing her own sound while studying music at Kulturama in Stockholm, but it wasn’t until she met London producer/filmmaker Zagor that she started really pushing her creative boundaries. “I needed time to find my voice and develop my sound. Today I am a strong and proud woman. I know what I’m doing, and I know what I want, and I’m ready to let people in and listen to what I wanna say with my music.” shared the gal.

Expect to hear more from Shaqdi this year.