Ed The Dog’s “Television Era” Is An Ode To Childhood – Which Was 10x Better Than Adulthood

Why did we have to grow up?

Photo: Courtesy of Two Up Management Radio & Online

Aside from the fact that Ed The Dog looks like an iconic character we all grew up watching, his single “Television Era” really hits our nostalgia buttons with humorously introspective lyrics that sugarcoat the sad fact of life: childhood has expired. With playful quirky production, Ed builds a lo-fi soundscape filled with spontaneous arrhythmic beats that also exude an undeniable air for longing. It’s true and sad – life used to be so much better when we the only job we had on Saturday morning was to watch cartoons instead of curing hangovers:

“Television Era” is from Ed The Dog’s upcoming debut album Shame, which will be out on July 27th. Ed Wettenhall is the mastermind behind Ed The Dog, who was also the former frontman of the band Fish Tank. Shame is the byproduct of Ed working in a self-imposed exile somewhere in an attic. He will be giving a taste of his record in London soon, so go check him out if you happen to be there:

7/8 – The Old Blue Last (London, UK)