Sauropod’s “Ripping” Is Grunge Rock Cannonade Against Sexual Violence

“Why not rip it off and you go free”

“Things that are uncomfortable I’ll / Deal with them all at once, later” are the opening lines of Sauropod’s new single “Ripping.” It’s an explosive rock single fueled by grunge elements where the battering drums and bursting strings deliver a cannonade of adrenalines. Lyrically speaking, the song is an explicit cry against sexual assault. “Wish I could’ve found my lover’s / Violators all at once, castrate them” chants bassist/vocalist Kamilla Waal Larsen. Stream below:

“We want to stand out, and be loud, and actively dare to speak up,” explained Kamilla. “We shouldn’t be afraid of sharing our experiences, or having our experiences mean something to other people as well.”

“It’s a purposefully violent lyric, there’s an urge to actually assault someone,” shared vocalist/guitarist Jonas Røyeng. “I guess the last chorus turned into being about the urge to literally ‘rip’ someone’s dick off. And ‘you go free’, about how most guys go unpunished for sex offences.”

The single is from their upcoming self-titled EP, which will be out on August 24, 2017 via Propeller Recordings. The trio will be hitting Øya Festival and playing a London show in the upcoming weeks, so go check them out:

8/7-11 – Øya Festival (Oslo, Norway)

10/20 – Lock Tavern (London, UK)