Tommy Takes Us Into Our Own Mental Battlefield In His Debut Single “Front”

“Now I crave something bigger, / A bit of joy, beneath the bone”

Artwork by Tommy

Indie rock newcomer Tommy takes us into the seismic mental landscape of depression in his debut single “Front.” With a pinch of blues and folk, “Front” is a conversational track that takes us through the emotional cracks and downs we experience while wrestling with our own demons. “Oh lover you’re cold as the winter I know / you left me so empty and so fucking low / can I come over just once, just to say, I didn’t love you anyway” chants Tommy. While the track’s rhythmic momentum builds up slowly, there is an emotional tension embedded in its minimalism that keeps you hooked to it. Stream below:

“‘Front’ is a journey through a state of apathy and depression” explained Tommy. “The chorus is a representation of the constant fight with voices in your head.”

Not much is known about Tommy, but we know he’ll be releasing more singles in the next six months and will be announcing a debut live show for September soon. He also paints (the cover art above is by him).