Brandon Flynn Gets Haunted By Camera Madness In Cook Thugless “Lockjaw” Ft. Shyrley

Psychedelic rap

Photo: Cook Thugless – Lockjaw Ft. Shyrley – Starring Brandon Flynn (Official Music Video) YouTube

NYC/NJ-based psychedelic rap act Cook Thugless takes us into the dark side of the flashy spotlight in their new music video “Lockjaw” ft. Shyrley. The video follows 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn who becomes haunted by the paparazzi, which leads to a meltdown. Produced by MoonCulture Films and Pyrrhic Productions, the video was directed by the band’s Jean Louis Droulers (whom you can see rapping in the video) where it explores the despair that permeates in either side of the camera. You can clearly see Brandon losing it, but you can also observe the paparazzi becoming maniacs:

In regards to the video, the band shared that it “takes a look at the psychological toil of fame for those in front of the camera, as well as the ones behind who go through desperate lengths to get the shots they need.”

Formed at Rutgers University in 2013, Cook Thugless is a seven-piece act that is known for pushing the boundaries of MCing to psychedelic waters. The band also has a knack for building thrilling narratives with killer visuals as you can tell from “Lockjaw.” You can expect to listen/see more radness from them this year as they’re currently working on a new record and starting a cult. Kidding…sorta.