Johnny Kills’ “Who’s Counting” Is One Zany Surf-Glam Song

Glammed up surf rock.

Photo: Johnny Kills SoundCloud

UK trio Johnny Kills swirls us into the chaotic and overthinking world of young love in their new surf-glam single “Who’s Counting.” Their self-coined ‘surf-glam’ genre can be described as an elevated, tastier version of surf rock. It still has that fizzling fluidity, but the rhythmic trimmings are sharper while the choruses beam through the layers with its sparkling flair. Stream below:

“It’s about meeting a great new person and ridiculously overthinking every aspect that this entails, internally focussing on this quasi-freak-out rather than enjoying and appreciating the new relationship for what it is” claims vocalist and songwriter TimLloyd-Kinnings, “Thinking ‘oh bloody hell, what’s happening here? – this can’t be good’ rather than ‘oh, isn’t this great?’”

Comprised of siblings Tim and Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings and their crony Cameron Gipp, Johnny Kills have been setting fire on the UK surf rock scene last year – which led them to radio plays on BBC and thumb ups from press. “Who’s Counting” marks a groovier and shinier trajectory for the trio and also their first release on Killing Moon Records. The trio has shows coming up this month, so see them in person:

7/17 – The Old Blue Last (London, UK)

7/20 – The Victoria (Birmingham, UK)