Paria’s New Lofi-Latin Pop “Summer Blind” Is What Summer Dreams Are Made Of

For laidback sunny days

Photo: Courtesy of Bøl Records

Oslo-based poptress Paria ventures out to the Latin pop genre with her new lo-fi single “Summer Blind” where she takes the upbeat spirit of Latin music and tones it down to a dreamier, chill level. Wrapping us with warm bliss, Paria captures the cheery laziness of soaking the sun and the hyped energy that we exude to each other during this golden season. Stream below:

Paria broke into the scene with her debut single “91” last November, which earned spot plays in Norwegian national radio and BBC radio. Her latest single “Summer Blind” was inspired by a trip to Torrevieja and was entirely produced/written by Paria. Stay tuned for more singles from Paria this summer.