Passerine Share Their Final Two Releases “Numb” & “It Was You”

Galactic soul

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Melbourne-based trio Passerine have announced their decision to part ways after five years and have released their last two singles “Numb” and “It Was You.” Both tracks are galactic soul with expansive ambience that channel the trio’s signature sound. “Numb” leans towards a trip hop trajectory that gives a nod to Massive Attack’s 90s era while “It Was You” is a celebratory jam ready to hit the dancefloor. Enjoy below:

The band shared the following statement in regards to go their separate ways:

“We just feel we’ve taken the project as far as it can go. We’re super proud of all the things we’ve achieved over the past five years, but as hard as it’s been, we feel it’s time to say goodbye to Passerine and move forward in new directions”

“Numb” and “It Was You” are out now via Bag of Fox Records. Vocalist/songwriter Phoenbe explained, “I wrote the lyrics to ‘Numb’ about how I was feeling like I was stuck on a loop in my life. I was wishing something would happen, something to make me feel connected. Good or bad, I felt like I needed something major to happen to shake things up. I wrote ‘It Was You’ months later, and it’s all about finding that thing, and my surprise at discovering that had been there all along. I think that’s the key really – we’re all searching for something or someone and often we overlook the fact it’s probably inside or right beside us, in plain view.”

Passerine were Phoebe Dubar (vocals & viola), Alex Gooding (drums), and Ben Murphy (production) were known for their galactic soul sound since 2012. You can find more of their works on SoundCloud.