Pi Ja Ma’s “Ponytail” Is Post-Psychedelic Hangover We All Can Relate


Photo: Alice Kong

French artist Pi Ja Ma waltzes us through a post-psychedelic hangover in her new color-popping video “Ponytail” where she shows us the surrealistic sensation of coming into terms with reality after a hard night out (semi-worth it). With zany flair, “Ponytail” gives a nod to 60s pop where the glinting strings and lighthearted production yield a playful air. Directed by Alice Kong, the video shows Pi Ja Ma struggling between what is real and what is just bizarre product of brainfuck:

Pauline de Tarragon s the mastermind behind Pi Ja Ma who became the latest alternative pop buzz in the UK with her EP Radio Girl. “Ponytail” is from her upcoming debut LP, which she hasn’t shared release dates yet. The gal has shows coming up in the next few months:

7/18 – Saison Festival De St Malo (Saint Malo, France)

7/22 – Kidzapalooza (Paris France)

11/1 – Le 106 (Rouen, France)

11/2 – Le Splendid (Lille, France)

11/4 – Trivoli Vrendenburg Pandoroa (Utrecht, Netherlands)

11/6 – Doornroosje (Nijmegen, Netherlands)

11/7 – Vera (Groningen, Netherlands)

11/10 – Säälchen (Berlin, Germany)

11/12 – Futurum (Prague, Czech Republic)

11/13 – Tecnikum (Munich Germany)