Sophia Boro Brings Her Southern Roots To Soul Pop

Listen to her debut single “I Figure Now”

Photo: Sophia Boro Instagram

In these scorching days of summer, we need breezy and buoyant songs that can invigorate our melted brains again. And rising artist Sophia Boro crafts the perfect, graceful sound that is refreshing to say the least. Her debut single “I Figure Now” is lush and tinkered with unexpected details like bird chirps and intricate jingles that let the song flow with smooth elegance. Sophia’s voice trembles and even glitches gently over the flying and dreamy production. The song also exhibits a slight nudge to jazz territory that gives it a calming effect. Stream below:

Born in California, but raised in Nebraska, Sophia is a Suzuki trained violinist who now lives in Nashville. Her sound is largely influenced by her southern roots, which you can tell from her debut. We don’t know much about the gal, but you can connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.