Mwansa Gives Us A Two-Way Perspective Into Conscious Uncoupling In “Moving On”

Ode to letting it go

Photo: Courtesy of Filter PR

Perth-based artist Mwansa brings us a bittersweet, breezy electronic track “Moving On” dedicated to relationships that didn’t work out. But we’re not talking about star-crossed ones, but ones where both parties were only half-heartedly invested and voluntarily decided to call it quits. It’s a sweet ode for letting things where the glimmering chords and fizzling synths create an introspective fluidity where Mwansa’s triumphant choruses “I’m moving on” marches with optimism. Featuring the vocals of Kaitlin Keegan, “Moving On” dives into the emotional ends of both sides of the relationship where the two individuals have decided on ‘conscious uncoupling.’ Stream now:

“’Moving On’ is a song that has traveled from Canada, Mexico, South Korea, France and Taiwan to finally get made. I don’t know if its about two people who couldn’t make it work, or didn’t want to enough. It features an incredible new singer from around the way, Kaitlin Keegan.” shared Mwansa.

The track is from Mwansa’s upcoming EP, which will be out in the next couple of months, so keep an eye on him.