Astha Captures The Ups & Downs Of Unconditional Love In New Video “More”

Hauntingly beautiful

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Toronto-based artist Astha choreographically captures the exhaustion and lonely corners of unconditional love in her new video “More.” The video shows Astha with a lover who face opposite directions, showcasing the emotional distance within the physical proximity between them. Split by interludes of stunning choreography, “More” captures the dark loneliness and beauty that comes with relationships:

In regards to the song, Astha shared, “It represents both the struggles of a relationship – feeling frustrated, lonely and misunderstood – and the calm after the storm, where your love for that person helps you set your differences aside. I’m still learning to practice unconditional love, but the practice of it makes me a better person.”

“More” is from Astha’s EP Muse, which will be out at the end of this year. Her EP is largely influenced by her own soul-searching experiences that she embarked on back in 2014. After having finished a number of sold-out shows around the world, Astha found herself in a transitional period of her life where she decided to leave her long-term relationship and start over. Muse captures that period of struggle and self-discovery, which you can stream here.

Originally from Nepal, Astha is an award-winning artist who is mostly known for blending pop, folk, and R&B elements with minimalistic flair.