Boy Bjorn’s “Alone At The Severance” Is Painkiller For Your Existentialism

Philosophical alternative rock

Photo: Kate Holl

Nashville artist Boy Bjorn takes us to the hazy and abstract territory of existentialism in his new single “Alone At The Severance” where he shuffles through late-night musings we would normally have during the vulnerable moments of our lives. Built on a smoky, expansive soundscape, Boy Bjorn captures the beautiful chaos of the soothing we find in others in knowing that they’re as confused as we are:

“‘Alone At The Severance’ was born from conversations about society and existentialism. The mid-20s pursuit of truth. All the long, inebriated talks I’ve had with friends that get compressed to a silent agreement that ‘we’re believing a lie, but it’s alright.’ I think sometimes we’re all just trying to find our own way of saying that. But I wanted to set that thought against a light, ethereal backdrop to shed some of its weight. The more important part of this story is that ‘it’s alright.’”

Brian Holl is the mastermind behind Boy Bjorn and also one half of the electronic-folk act Foreign Fields. Despite having achieved wide accolades (national tours, festivals, widely acclaimed album), Brian decided to embark on his solo project after going through quarter midlife crisis – which we can all relate. Instead of getting stuck with his panic attack, Brian decided to channel all that self-doubt, fear, and energy into his creative outlet. “Alone At The Severance” is a taste of what Boy Bjorn has in store for us and is now via Communion Records.