Favours Take Us Into A Cult World In Their Video “In The Night”

When fairytales come true

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Breaking the banality of modern life, Canadian quartet Favours take us into a cult-like world in their new video “In The Night” where we witness the eerie beautiful ritual of a group of women and an outsider man in an enchanted house. The house is an escape from the reality where everyone is free from the ever-rushing and overwhelming atmosphere of daily life. Built on soft-burning choruses and hazy ambience, “In The Night” is a journey into our own desires to achieve our own dreams:

In regards to the track, the quartet shared that it “is a ballad for those stuck in an unfulfilling cycle of repetition…it’s about escaping from the banality of the day and longing for the dreams that seem just out of reach. Dreams of star-crossed lovers destined to meet in another world, or those who do meet and cannot be together, tearing them apart at the seams.”

Comprised of Parth Jain, Alexander Zen, Jacqueline Andrade, and Dan Bothen, Favours is Toronto-based act that is known for their dark synthrock sound. “In The Night” is from their upcoming EP, which will be out in 2019. Expect to hear more singles from the band in the upcoming months.