It’s Time To Cruise Through Coastal Pop With Laurel Laxxes’ “Come Undone” Ft. Wren

For love lost somewhere on the Mediterranean coast

Photo: Josh Sgarano

Australian artist Laurel Laxxes (aka Nicholas Cummins) approaches heartbreak songs with a more coastal approach in his new single “Come Undone” featuring UK artist Wren. While the lyrics are emotional, it’s a vibrant coastal electopop that triggers the imagery of a cruise party somewhere on the ocean. Within the colorful tune, there is a wisp of moodiness that comes with any endings. Whether such emotion is toward yourself or the other person, it’s an inevitable sensation that Laurel Laxxes captures cleverly:

Nicholas originally got the idea for the song while he was helping a session for a country rock band. After the session, he immediately started working on the track and teamed up with Millie Claxon (Wren) few days later to polish it. “We had a quick chat about the imagery the instrumental provoked, and envisioned a European vibe of colourful coastlines, sailing boats, and love lost. We wanted to put a more positive spin on the typical ‘love lost’ lyrical content, and instead approach it from a position of power, where you realised the person is not right for you, and you’re certain and infallible in your decision to finish the relationship. I quickly set up a mic and she improvised the entire song pretty much then and there and it was incredible.”

The track is out now via Mammal Sounds and if you happen to be in Byron Bay in the next few days, you might be able to listen to it in person:

7/13 – Treehouse on Belongil (Byron, Bay, Australia)