Sunset Sons’ “Love Lights” Is How Relationships Are As Stable As The Weather

The fragile & flipping nature of relationships

Photo: Courtesy of Partisan PR

UK-based trio Sunset Sons brings us the unexpected chaos of any human relationship in their new single “Love Lights.” Built on synth-coated strings and expansive ambience, the track feels like a massive eyeroll towards the ever-changing nature of any bond you may have with a person. It can be as warm as the summer, but can turn to a shitstorm within a second. All you can do is to go with the flow and accept the fact that humans are the least stagnant creatures on earth:

“‘Love Lights,’ it’s a song about relationships. Not necessarily boy-girl, but just about honesty and how people can change their minds like the weather. It’s just about keeping moving forward, which is the general theme around The River EP.”

The track is from their upcoming EP The River, which was produced by Catherine Marks (The Big Moon, Foals) and will be out on July 27th via LAB Records. It is the follow up of their 2016 debut record Very Rarely Say Die (produced by Jacquire King and James Lewis), which became the fastest selling debut album upon release in 2016. Since then, the trio has played sold-out tours and landed radio airplays across BBC. The band originally formed by serendipity at a sleepy French surfing hotpot called Hossegor. After this chance encounter, the three recorded their EP Le Surfing (named in honor of the bar) in three days between surfing sessions. The EP went top 10 on iTunes chart with no promo – which was just a sign that these three were just meant to songsmith and surf together.