Jinka’s “Wonderland” Is Dirty & Glamorous Synthpop

Meet the rising Transylvanian artist

Photo: Courtesy of Love By Mistake

Transylvanian artist Jinka takes all the glamour elements of modern synthpop and smudges it with her own edgy flair in her single “Wonderland.” There is an eclectic vibe to it that makes “Wonderland” feel like a party anthem, but also the soundtrack of fairytale movie on acid. Stream below:

“I guess, I can’t deny that ‘Wonderland’ exposes the massive The Prodigy fan in me. But hey, I managed to stay reasonable and added no more than a pinch of breakbeat to the recipe. Wherever I choose to go stylistically I try to bypass genre traps – which is actually rather unlikely to happen if you have an omnivorous taste like mine and are not afraid to take a multidirectional approach. All artists I’m into, like Grimes or Gorillaz for example, have one thing in common: their music is anything but generic. When they cite stereotypes they do it in a unique and surprising manner. I’m trying to head down the same road and tease the irritating moments out of what I come up with.“ shared Jinka.

“Wonderland” is from Jinka’s upcoming debut EP Dr. Ara, which will be out at the end of this year. Jinka’s previous works have been making waves across the press in Europe and US. Her single “Countdown Forever” is also part of H&M in-store playlist, so if her voice sounds familiar you are not drunk…maybe.