Party Away (Or With) Your Confused Emotions With UHURU’s “Riddle”


Photo: Courtesy of Listen Up

Rising UK duo UHURU makes dance-friendly, catchy electropop that has the fist-pumping energy of an EDM song, but also the grooviness of pop. Their latest single “Riddle” is a playfully enigmatic track that captures the frustrations of going after someone who keeps mindfucking you with puzzling cues. Layered with high-pitch notes and glimmering synths, “Riddle” is one cathartic anthem to party away your frustrations:

“‘Riddle’ is about not understanding what the other person wants, and their behaviour makes no sense to you so you’re constantly asking yourself ‘if it’s real’ – because you really want it to be.” shared the duo.

Comprised of Connor Daniels (producer/singer) and Robert Jones (multi-instrumentalist), the duo met in college in Southampton where both of them were pursuing musical studies at Guildford’s ACM (alumni include Ed Sheeran). Their name means ‘freedom’ in Swahili, which resonates in their songsmithing craft. The two are currently working on their upcoming EP and have already been receiving wide support from the press and played at music festivals. Keep them under your radar.