REFS’ “Play God” Is For The Unpragmatic Bold Spirits Out There


Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

NYC duo REFS embraces unpragmatic, but blood-rushing sensations in their new single “Play God.” We’ve all done it – you know it’s not the smartest move to date certain person or make a certain decision, but you do it anyways. “Play God” is a banging R&B single that celebrates your own self-doom for the sake of your own emotions/lust that often are worth it in the long run. Stream below:

“We strut wide-eyed into relationships that will inevitably end in letdown – none of us are above this instinct. ‘Play God’ is about ignoring your inner pragmatist and launching into love, armed with the knowledge that the game is rigged.” shared the duo.

REFS is Richard Saunders (vocals) and Zachary Lipkins (production) who started songsmithing together in 2017. Be on the lookout for more beats from them this year.