Arms Akimbo Reminds Us To Ditch The Social Media Matrix Once In A While In “Virtual”

“All my friends are virtual”

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May Agency

LA-based quartet Arms Akimbo taps into the cultural phenomenon of cyber relationships replace real human contact in their new single “Virtual.” Lyrically, it’s a hilarious song that you start messaging it to your friends…but as you start inserting the LOL emoji, you realize that this song is your life right now. And it’s kinda scary and a bit sad. So instead of spreading it across your social media at the speed of bubonic plague, you decide to throw a party and play this all night:

“The single is about social media and how our generation’s most prevalent form of communication these days is commenting,” shared Arms Akimbo’s Peter Schrupp. “We’re no exception to the rule. After a while you just need to reconnect. After a while you miss your friends. This song illustrates that desire to shake yourself (and the people around you) awake.”

Arms Akimbo originally formed when the bembers were in college and broke into the scene with their self-produced EP Vignettes. They have previously toured with other acts including Walk The Moon, The Animals and Said The Whale.